Font de Sa Cala - Majorca - Cala Ratjada

Diving on Mallorca, this is another world in the mediterranean sea! Canyons, grottoes and caves alternate with swarmfish. 

Since 2007 we have the opportunity to dive in the nature reserve Cala Ratjada. By the controlled diving cooperation with the nature conversation authority a friendly and gentle way has been found. So we were able to meet our puffer fish this year: 15 ones honored us. Most people are extremely surprised about what they see below the water. 

Short flight times, constant connections and a lot of accomodations make Mallorca a destination for the whole familiy.

We offer courses at any time, usually we have small groups. The child diving with child diving teachers and special equipment make the underwater life easy for the little ones, and provide an understanding for the living beings in the new environment. Especially the region around Cala Ratjada offers very good diving places, where also the little ones may discover a lot in low depth.

Only 3 minutes away from Cala Ratjada you can relax but also make exciting experiences - come around and get informed.

Since 2006 we take care that fun is guaranteed, but also security is very important for us. The friendly atmosphere of a family and the well-being are immediately felt. Could it be better for a diver?

We pick you up for free around Cala Ratjada. For groups this area is extended to Cala Millor and Cala Bona, please let us know in time.

come in

and find out.

The Award

...from the Journal "Tauchen" 

We appreciate your votes and your confidence in us within the last years!

After receiving the 3rd place in year 2007 we have been within the best 3 in 2008. 2009 we have been nominated again, also in 2011 and 2012. 2010 we even won the award. We are almost every year within the best 3 bases in the Mediterranean Sea.