Diving with own equipment

1 dive                                                   42,00 EUR

More than 4 dives                        40,00 EUR

More than 6 dives                        38,00 EUR

More than 8 dives                        36,00 EUR

More than 10 dives                     34,00 EUR

Night Dive                                      +12,00 EUR

Rental Equipment (per dive)

Regulator with Computer          7,00 EUR

Suit (7 mm Wetsuit)                       7,00 EUR

BCD                                                         7,00 EUR

For a double dive we only charge 30,00 EUR for the whole equipment.
Mask, fins and snorkel are included in the price for a dive and won’t be charged extra.

Diving insurance

By law we are obliged to have proof of a valid and officially recognized diving insurance for all our divers. If you do not have a valid diving insurance, we will provide you with a daily or monthly insurance at our dive center.

Diving insurance per day              7,00 EUR

Diving insurance per month     18,00 EUR

Important: For diving insurance valid in Spain only 10,- € pressure chamber fee are incurred. Insurance companies pay in the event of an accident but they do not bear the expenses for the maintenance of the pressure chamber. These costs are being paid for by the dive centers and it ensures that a functioning pressure chamber is always at your service. 


Torchlight                                                    6,00 EUR

12 Liter tank                                            +2,50 EUR

15 Liter tank                                            +4,50 EUR

Nitrox                                            +7,00 EUR

ABC for Snorkeling (per day)         15,00 EUR

Shorty per day                                         15,00 EUR



Discover Scuba Dive (minimum age 8 years)           99,00 EUR

Scuba Skills Update                                                                 99,00 EUR


Junior Diver (minimum age 8 y.)                           229,00 EUR

Basic Diver (minimum age 10 y.)                          249,00 EUR

Open Water Diver (minimum age 10 y.)          425,00 EUR

Advanced OWD                                                             330,00 EUR

Stress & Rescue                                                              369,00 EUR

Diveleader                                                                         699,00 EUR


Open Water Diver (minimum age 10 y.)           475,00 EUR

Advanced Adventurer                                                 330,00 EUR

Stress & Rescue                                                               369,00 EUR

Divemaster                                                                          699,00 EUR


Open Water Diver (minimum age 10 y.)           475,00 EUR

Advanced OWD                                                              330,00 EUR

Rescue Diver                                                                      369,00 EUR

Divemaster                                                                         699,00 EUR


CMAS* (minimum age 14 y.)         455,00 EUR

CMAS**                                                     369,00 EUR

CMAS***                                                   699,00 EUR


Certification fees         39,00 EUR

Specialties incl. certification fees (dives not included)         139,00 EUR

Important: For all courses superior to OWD/CMAS* the fees for equipment rental and pressure chamber have to be paid on top.



Snorkeling Tour with equipment             49,50 EUR

Pirate’s Cave Tour with equipment        75,00 EUR

Speedboat Tour                                                  49,50 EUR



TEC for Innerspace Explorers

Basics of Exploration (BOE)                                560,00 EUR

Basics of Exploration Extended (BoE+)        700,00 EUR

Sidemount                                                                      420,00 EUR

Cave Explorer Level I                                               950,00 EUR

TEC iac

Tec Fundamental                    450,00 EUR

Cavern Diver                             499,00 EUR

Cave Diver                                  790,00 EUR

Trimix 60                                      890,00 EUR

Trimix 100                                   990,00 EUR